Monday, December 21, 2015

Dream Night Pro Live Wallpaper 1.5.3 APK

Feel the beauty of the night in this magical live wallpaper by Teragon. Free download Dream Night Pro Live Wallpaper (version 1.5.3), relax and enjoy the magical scenery!

Requirements: Android 2.3 and up
Size: 4.5MB
Rating: 4.7/5
Type: Personalization

User Review:
"This is very peaceful and almost hypnotically relaxing to watch at bedtime or when you wake up and need to go back to sleep. Too bad it's not set to music; and doesn't automatically go from nighttime to a morning wake up." -Barbara

Dream Night Pro Lwp has many features:
This live wallpaper features a relaxing night scene, with dreamy blue color tone, sparkling and shooting stars and tree silhouette. When you swipe to change home screens, the scene moves with parallax effect to simulate 3D space.
- (New Feature in Pro): Various types of Winter trees and interactive Windmill for selection
- Fireflies
- Snow Falling (with interaction and option to control using accelerometer)
- Set moon shape to indicate battery level, or to indicate real-life lunar time, or choose a specific shape you like.
- Tap to make shooting stars appear.
- Trees can be touched and pulled.
- Customize the bird twitter sounds
- Options for greeting birds
- Options for scene speed
- Options for the Parallax effect

What’s new in version 1.5.3
- Improved performance and reduced memory usage.
- Recent Improvements:
- Added other types of winter trees to Pro version.
- Added interactive windmills to Pro version.
- Added a DayDream with Time display (for Android 4.2+) to All-in-One version.
- Retuned the windmills.

Download Dream Night Pro Live Wallpaper 1.5.3 APK:
DNP Lwp Store


Home -> Press Menu -> Select Wallpapers -> Select Live Wallpapers -> Select Dream Night Pro from the list.
The scene has full parallax effect: when you swipe to change between home screens, the scene will scroll with parallax effect. ***NOTE: if you do not like this behavior, you can disable it in the Pro version by going to Settings --> Camera (Parallax) Speed --> Select Stay still (no parallax) option.

Day Night Live Wallpaper (All) is out now, which contains all the apps in this collections (Sun Rise + Blue Sky + Sunset + Dream Night)

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