Monday, January 18, 2016

Grand Theft Auto V APK (Modded GTA SA) + DATA download for Android (Offline)

GTA fans can finally play the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V on their Android devices, not the official Rockstar Games' version of course, just a modded one of the San Andreas release. Scroll down to get your copy of GTA 5 Apk, which features a pretty similar gameplay experience to the PC version.

Game requirements for this Mod are the same as those of GTA SA so if you have played the latter, odds are your Android device can handle this one.

The core gameplay experience and mechanics of Grand Theft Auto V are almost identical to the previous installments in the series, but with more detailed graphics and more content. As in GTA 3 and San Andreas, you're pretty much running around, racing, and shooting stuff in a gorgeously-rendered vast explorable open world environment. However, in GTA 5, you can even swim and climb. Players can also control multiple vehicles, including cars, buses, pickup trucks, boats, airplanes, helicopters, trains, tanks, motorcycles and bicycles.

In GTA 5 (Apk mod) you get to chose the way you play the game. Complete missions and watch as the story unfolds or explore the city and do what you like. When not performing the mission at hand, players can freely roam around the city sightseeing or causing mayhem. Creating chaos though will attract the attention of the authorities that will chase you around untill you're apprehended. The police will handle minor violations, but you may also face a task force, the FBI or the army according to your violations.

Players also get to play many side quests to upgrade their characters and earn extra cash including the traditional side missions from previous GTA titles like shuttle taxis, extinguishing fires, carrying the injured to hospitals and fighting crime. Some new tasks include stealing, prostitution brokerage, delivery by truck or train, and much more

Download Grand Theft Auto V APK (Mod GTA SA) Offline for Android

APK MOD v1.08
• SD DATA: Part1 | Part2 | Part3 | Part4 | Part5

Install the apk, extract the data using 7zipper on Android, copy the “data” and “obb” folder to Sdcard/Android folder, and play offline.
(You can bypass adfly links using online tools)

Note: Although the game icon is GTA SA, the inside is GTA V.
Tip: Use Google Chrome browser or Firefox for Android to access and download from Apkradar.


  1. Sir I Downloaded the game but its gtasa only....
    Only the gameplay seems smooth on this mod..

  2. Can you post a all in one obb data file download ? Like All five parts in one torrent file ? I am really impatient because I cannot download nine parts of the original game''s obb data. I also wanted to use the torrent file but it does not work . So can you upload a torrent file with the full "obb" and "data" files with the apk included ? I would appreciate it

  3. @Anonymous
    the gameplay is almost GTA5-like, this is the only mod close enough to the real thing
    I've played it myself before uploading it on here!

  4. @Raeed
    I dont have enough bandwidth currently to support seeding torrent files
    Google Drive which i've used to upload the game to is high-speed and has resumable functionality just like a torrent (use ADM to download it)

    Download (ADM) Advanced download manager:

  5. I downloaded and installed the game. It is basically a mod of san andreas which replaces CJ with Franklin, it replaces big part of the cars with new ones and also adds more buldings and environmental changes. The saturation of the colors seems increased. Also, I'm using a Oneplus One and sometimes it lags ( whereas the original game didn't ). Install it if you're curious, although in my opinion it's something you get easily bored of.

  6. Which one I should download can I download only part 1 or part 2 or all of them?