Saturday, February 27, 2016

ZENONIA S Rifts In Time 1.2.1 MOD APK

ZENONIA S Rifts In Time v1.2.1 by GAMEVIL is the latest installment in the Zenonia RPG series, featuring more characters, more battles, and a bigger world to explore.

Requirements: Android 2.3 and up
Size: 47MB
Rating: 4.2/5
Type: Role Playing

User Review:
The fun part of the game was the open(ish) world and the ability to buy and sell things. You took away both of those things and turned the game into a glorified click rpg. If the game was more like the previous ones it would actually be fun and I would still be playing it.

Game Features:
Battle monsters, make friends, and punish challengers all from your mobile device.
Explore the world of ZENONIA S: Rifts in Time across the nine realms.
Test your survival skills in the Monster Wave mode.
Choose from your favorite ZENONIA® characters.
Slasher/ Ranger/ Fighter / Magician / Assassin
Awaken your hero and break the limit.
Customize you character with over 300 different pieces of equipment.
Increase the effectiveness of your weapons, armor, and accessories through various enhancements
Put your skills to the test in ZENONIA S: Rifts in Time. Become legendary!

What’s new in version 1.2.1
1. Advent system added
2. A new Map added
2. A new Raid-Boss added
4. Known bugs fixed

Download ZENONIA S Rifts In Time 1.2.1 MOD APK:


Install APK, Download data directly from game and play online.

What’s modded:
1.) Increased Attack Damage
2.) Dumb Enemies (Don’t attack)
3.) Skills always active
4.) Unlimited MP/SP
Tip: Use Google Chrome browser or Firefox for Android to access and download from Apkradar.

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