Sunday, May 22, 2016

Kill Shot Bravo 1.6 MOD APK

Take your sniper skills to a whole other level in Hothead Games' Kill Shot Bravo version 1.6 hack with unlimited ammo!

Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Size: 76MB
Rating: 4.4/5
Type: Action

User review:
"Even though they always had issues with their servers and bugs in the game it was still enjoyable until Hothead decided to get super greedy and make it a game that only people that can continuously pump real money into it!"

What’s new in version 1.6
Region 10: Eviction Notice
* Drive out the Forsaken Sons from the lawless Walled City
Brand New Bounty Missions!
* More Energy Weapons to fight off the Aegis threat
* Come out on top to earn the Chain Lightning perk
More customization options!
* Bullet skins with elemental effects
* A new bounty reward gear set has been added
* Get exclusive new guns and gear in the Armory Drop
Introducing the Battle Hardened mode!
* Unlocked after finishing the latest Black Ops missions

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