If you're using your android phone or tablet to download, you may -sometimes- get redirected to Google Play Store when you click on the 'dl.apkradar.com' download links, that's because of some mobile ads! You just need to press the 'back' button on your android device, wait for 5 sec and then click 'Skip ad' located at the top right corner of the screen.


If you browse online much you should keep your computer/Android up to date and ensure that you have anti-exploit and anti-malware (a good antivirus: like Avast) installed. 

- It's better to use a computer to download then transfer files to your android. Also, Wifi is recommended to download from our site.
Recommended Browsers: Firefox or Google Chrome (both mobile and desktop)
- If the download page with the counter  Please wait...  seems to freeze, just refresh the page.
- Use the 'Search' box on the right (desktop layout) or at the bottom of the site (mobile layout) to look for an app or an update to an app
- If you find a dead link or you can't download for whatever reason please COMMENT and let us know.

Officially Dead Filehosts: (Don't waste your time clicking the links)
UPDATE: We're cleaning up the dead links so you don't waste your time on useless links.
- Firedrive/Putlocker (Offline, nothing on the news or official site!!)
- Multiupload (is dead, the homepage is so screwed with self-installing adware)
- Mediafire (most of our accounts have been disabled due to multiple Dmca complaints)

 What is an APK file?
Android application package file (.apk) is the file format used to distribute and install application software and middleware onto Google's Android operating system; very similar to an MSI package in Windows or PKG package in MacOS and ios.

How to Install APK?
Before going further with this guide, you should download and install Winrar or 7zip (free) if you're on a computer OR Androzip file manager or some similar app if you're on your android. The reason being that most shared files online are compressed and you need those apps to extract them and get the .apk or SD DATA.

How to install the .apk from your computer:
Before installing anything on your phone, you'll need to properly enable your phone by going to Menu > Settings > Security > check "Unknown Sources" to allow your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store. You should also download an app like ES File Explorer so you can easily find the app you transfered from your computer to your Android.

Start by connecting your device to your computer. Chose to connect it as a "media device." Then simply find your phone on your computer and drag, then drop, your APK file in the folder of your choice on your Android.

Go to your phone, find the APK file, click on it, then click "install." You're done.

How to install the apk from your android:
Simply download the apk (if it's compressed as .zip, .rar... use Androzip to decompress), click install, DONE.

What is SD DATA and how to install it? 
Don't get confused, these words mean all the same: SD DATA = OBB = SD Files = SD DATA Files.

SD DATA is needed for big games. As its name suggests, it contains all the graphics and other data a game or app needs in order to run properly. It goes into the sd card.

Now, on our site we compress the sd data and split it into multiple parts to reduce its size for faster downloads and also because of the filehosts file-upload-size limitations. To get the data folder (.OBB or .DATA folder) you need to put all the parts you downloaded in one folder and start extracting from part1 (to extract use Winrar on pc or Androzip on android).

After extracting you get some folder named (com.someting.something). Open that folder. Now if you see some file with extension '.obb' follow process A. And if you see a folder named files (or anything other than a file with .obb extension) follow B.

process A
open your SD card with your file manager and go to "Android" folder and then go to "obb" folder and paste the folder "com.something.somthn" in the obb folder. If you don't have an obb folder, create a new folder and name it obb and put "com.something.somthn" there.

process B
paste that "com.something" folder in the folder named "Data"

Here is how to fix 'You may not have purchased this app' error if you encounter it.

App/Game Installation Troubleshooting:
"There was a problem parsing the package" error message when you try to install modded games:

  • The game file .apk, that you have downloaded might be corrupt. So try to download again.
  • If the problem still persists, use Firefox for Android, Google Chrome, or UC Browser app (available on Google Play) to download games.
"Application not installed" error:

  • First, make sure any previous versions of the app (whether it's a mod, or an official version), have been un-installed.
  • If you still receive this message, reboot your device after you have un-installed any previous versions.
"Download failed because you may not have purchased this app" message:

  • Download the app once directly from Google Play, uninstall, then install mod
"Invalid licence" error:

  • Uninstall the apk.
  • Visit the game on play store, click "install", then quickly cancel the installation to get the game license.
  • Install the downloaded game on Apktron again and play.

What is Tegra, PowerVR, Snapdragon and Mali? Adreno, PowerVR, Mali, Tegra – apart from the main processor, the device has more processor and graphics processing – video accelerator. You need to select files according to your device’s video accelerator. If you don't know what is your processor type (Tegra, Adreno, Mali and PowerVR), you can download the application "CPU-Z" on Google Play.

Other FAQ will be added upon user requests.
If you have a question or suggestion leave a comment below or contact us.

If you find an app with dead links please leave a comment so that we may replace them.

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